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Our Amazing Stone Sealing Service Revamped This Travertine Floor in Pittsburgh

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January 12, 2024

Travertine surfaces have what it takes to make a lasting impression. Their porous surface, however, can lose its unique appeal to dirt and soil. Most traditional cleaners and unfortunately useless in cases like this, but there's a far more effective alternative. Securing the best Pittsburgh stone sealing is a must when it comes to the long-term maintenance of natural stone surfaces.

Travertine Floor Before and After a Stone Sealing in Pittsburgh
A homeowner in Pittsburgh knew this as soon as she saw a pattern of stains forming all over her travertine floor. A combination of soil, grime, and stale liquids had left marks that didn't fade after the homeowner used multiple cleaners at once. A large portion of the dirt made its way to the grout, creating brown spots that steadily grew along almost each grout line on the floor.

A couple of weeks later, after spending some time scrubbing the floors, the homeowner saw no improvement. She already knew that the experts at Sir Grout Pittsburgh would be up to the challenge since she'd seen the results of our service firsthand during one of her visits to her next-door neighbor. A quick perusal of our website's content only cemented this decision, and the homeowner went to our online scheduler to request an in-home evaluation.

Our specialists visited her home on the appointed date, less than a week later. They inspected the floors, looking closely into the areas where the stains were thicker and more visible. They also made sure to rule out any damage to any of the tiles, circling the living room area many times to gauge the overall state of the travertine surface. At the end of the evaluation, our techs had an answer for the client. Stains were expected in such a large part of the house, many of them caused by foot traffic and accidental spills. However, much of the dirt had adhered to the tiles and the grout after the sealant wore off.

Our experts explained the risks of keeping high-traffic surfaces unsealed while addressing the damage caused by chemical cleaners. Many of these products have a harsh effect on hard surfaces, and homeowners don't increase their cleaning power by using multiple formulas at the same time. Thankfully, there was no structural damage to any part of the floor, so our techs could guarantee a full restoration in a single session. They explained our stone sealing method to the client, and she agreed to schedule a new appointment to have the floor revamped.

A few days later, she welcomed our techs back into her home. This time, our specialists brought the necessary equipment to complete the restoration, so they started working right away. The first step was getting the embedded dirt off the floors. To do this, our techs soaked the travertine floor with a special stone-safe cleaner. Most of the stains grew loose in a couple of minutes, and it only took a few rounds of scrubbing to eliminate all the stains.

To restore the grout, our crew used Sir Grout's flagship ColorSeal on all the grout lines. This acrylic-based sealant covers the grout's porous surface, repelling external elements like mold, grime, dust, food residue, and liquids. The homeowner wanted the grout to match the travertine's color, so our techs used a light shade of beige to recolor all the grout lines. The result had the grout looking brand new in no time.

Then, it was time to provide the same protection to the stone tiles. Our specialists applied a powerful stone sealant. This penetrating sealant enhances the tiles' durability against wear and tear while preventing everyday staining. Its deep protection keeps all the floors in top condition, even during the most hectic hours of the day when homeowners have to deal with constant foot traffic.

The effect was a sight to behold and the homeowner couldn't be happier. Our methods restored all the details that had been hidden by the dirt, and the travertine now had its rich coloring at full display. Instead of ruining the effect, the grout now added to the floor's beauty, giving the room a nice, classic air. After admiring the floor for a couple of minutes, the client promised to spread the word about our services to everyone she knew.

Before leaving the client's home, our experts shared some additional tips to improve cleaning and maintenance. Most cleaners on the market cause more harm than good, but pH-neutral formulas work where other products fail. With this in mind, our techs listed the benefits of using Sir Grout's Natural Hard Surface Cleaner for routine cleaning. Our product doesn't have acidic imbalances in its formula, so you can use it on natural stone without having to worry about discoloration or other alterations to its porous surface. This also means that there are no toxic fumes released into the air during routine maintenance.

Other recommendations were meant to address the effects of a humid environment. Some stains are easy to miss in such a large room, so it's safer to wipe out grease and other liquids as soon as they land on the floors. To keep dampness from settling around harder-to-reach areas, our techs recommended allowing the circulation of fresh air. Making a habit of opening the windows and doors several times a week will often do the trick. Our techs left the client with these recommendations and the reassurance that they were always available if she had any other questions.

Sir Grout Pittsburgh is here to amaze homeowners with the most effective stone restoration process. We guarantee the best results and we always deliver, whether you want to revamp tile, natural stone, or any other type of hard surface. Want to learn more? You can call (412) 960-6310 or you can schedule a free quote online to request an in-home evaluation with our techs. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don't miss our latest promotions and updates.
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